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Crypto Asset Investigations

Time limit: 53 days

$1,000 Enroll

Full course description

The course provides an overview of the origins of Bitcoin and an explanation as to the "why" cryptocurrency was developed. The course will explore where crypto came from, who invented it, how it works, hot/cold/paper wallets, the security of the blockchain, and tracing cryptocurrency addresses. We will examine how cryptocurrency exchanges operate around the world along with the regulatory AML/KYC/BSA/CTR, consumer protections and securities regulations. Additionally, the course will go into the Dark Web as it relates to cryptocurrency and how criminals and terrorists are exploiting the lack of law enforcement oversight to launder illegal proceeds while they purchase/pay for illicit activities and goods. The course finishes with experimenting on how to trace cryptocurrency address transfers via the blockchain. This course begins on 6/26/24 and ends on 8/13/24.